Piran, you pretty little thing

From captivating capital to charming countryside to cute coastal towns, Slovenia has been a delight. Piran, fulfilling the latter berth, is a real-life photographic highlights reel.

Built on a peninsula jutting into the Adriatic, its red-roofed old town is beyond picturesque, from outside and within.


Once ruled by the Venetians, Piran retains an Italian air – language, food, lifestyle. The old city walls, built to provide isolationist protection to the spur of land, offer stunning views only matched by those from the ancient clock tower.

The old town is flanked by translucent water on both sides, one comprising craggy rocks (with great sunbathing spots if you can find a flat surface), the other a sand/stone hybrid, banked against sea walls. n.b. I adjudge there were enough naked old people to call the Eastern side a nudist beach.

Tartini Square feeds directly onto the marina, only adding to the town’s allure, and the area is dotted with restaurants – Pirat was our favourite. And Caffe Teater had live music (jazz and blues) every night we were there. And served Old Fashioneds (very important).

Slovenia has around 50km of Istrian coast and Piran is the pick, a lovely place to be beside the seaside.

With the size of the country anyone can be there for a day (or weekend) within a couple of hours, not to mention day trippers from abroad, and of course tourists like us. Which makes it all the more noteworthy how low key and relaxed it was; the beaches around the headland were a little busy but generally it was laid back and far from over-run. Loved it.


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